I'm off to the Caribbean tomorrow morning, I'll be spending the next 5 weeks on the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, and I'm not going to lie... between lazing on the beach, reading in hammocks and listening to copious amounts of reggae - posts from me will be few and far between.  

I did although manage to pull together a last minute flat lay with my Caribbean vacation essentials, including: one of the many Penguin books I bought - 'On the Road', my new black basic bikini by Caribbean label Two Peace Swimmer, A polaroid camera to take some fun snaps, Pawpaw ointment; because I can't go a flight without it.  A Bob Marley pendant necklace, Sportsgirl black sunglasses, the ASOS 'Sporty Skirt' in orange, my black soft leather iPad case from Som and Toobyand most importantly: His and Hers passports. Thank you to my ├╝ber talented friend Emily Barwick for her co-styling. Check out her beautiful blog A Second Story Here.

If you want to check out my teavel pics, head over to our Instagram page! Warning: coconut drinking selfies may occur. xx Jessica 

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