There is always much anticipation and hype around Milan Design Week, a week where the industry resides to view and critique the crème de la crème of the design world, and this year was no disappointment.

Having recently had the time to go through my backlog of images, reliving the experience made it clear it would be rude not to share it with you! Read my recap after the jump...

But first & foremost, strategic planning is key! The magnitude of exhibitions, events, installations, and not to mention Salone del Mobile requires a daily game plan (and your game face) otherwise you’ll blink and miss it. Also allow yourself to get a little lost, because more often than not, the most sketchy looking back alley will be housing the ultimate hidden treasures.


  • Lots of fun eye-catching colours - It's out with the monochrome and in with the hue!
  • Playful accessories to bring a bit more personality into your abode.
  • Collaborations with different artisans and designers - I've come to the conclusion Patricia Urquiola and Konstantin Grcic don't sleep.
  • Huge emphasis on detail - even the simplest product would have it's own uniqueness about it. 
  • Hand made products - bringing it back to its roots. 
  • Definite influence from the fashion industry in terms of common trends - neon highlights, bold colours, and dip-dyed textiles were plentiful. 
  • The use of raw timbers and ply still proves to be a favourite amongst brands and designers, quite understandably considering how good it looks!
  • A whole new way of lighting - the play on form and shadows was phenomenal... some seriously incredible lighting designs will be on the market this year. 

Salone Satellite (upcoming designers), Moroso, Vibia, MOST exhibit instigated by Tom Dixon, and Moooi's Unexpected Welcome exhibit. Unfortunately I didn't have the time to visit Ventura Lambrate but I heard it was a stand-out. 

One exhibit I was really looking forward to was Office for Living by Jean Nouvel, an interior focus I feel very strongly towards. Initially walking into the exhibit I was impressed by the looped videos of stylist Agnes B, the photographer Elliot Erwitt, the artist Michelangelo Pistoletto, and the writer and film director Alain Fleischer, each voicing their views and concerns about office spaces and reflecting on their own office requirements, however I didn’t feel as though what they were saying was brought to fruition in the installation. But in saying that, I have read some reviews that were singing praises about it so I understand it’s each to their own.

It's important to try to go for the entire week to really maximise your time and see as much as possible. Many designers make the decision to exhibit their new products and designs outside of Salone del Mobile, so be sure to check the event itinerary to ensure you don't miss something you'd love to see. 

But don’t be fooled, every sofa, lounge, armchair, stool, or bench (you name it) feels incredible to sit on by the end of the week.  

Christina Symes x

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