Currently I'm obsessed with 60-70's beach culture, embracing all things surf related, anything Hawaiian, and all things American. I found this super fun surf lodge in the Hamptons NY on Vanessa Jackman's blog and had to post it immediately!

The public areas in this surf lodge have been designed in a really cool and relaxed way, inviting visitors to mingle and chill out in fun casual settings. It has this great all-American school camp feel to it, but with a private beach, a big fire pit, huge striped cushions to lounge on, and brightly coloured nautical lanterns to light the night. 

70's surf documentaries play continuously in the chill-out lounge, and there is tonnes of great surf/beach memorabilia scattered throughout. Once you retire from all the fun, the bedrooms are a perfect little hideaway offering stunning views to the ocean and hammocks to relax in. 

- Jessica x


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