Tili Wiru meaning "Beautiful Light" is a creative collaboration between Koskela and the Tjanpi Desert Weavers. These one of a kind shades are currently on exhibition in the Koskela showroom in Rosebery until June 17th. 

Koskela has been working with the incredibly talented desert weavers for the past three years in some of the most remote parts of the Australian Northen Territory: Providing them with basic frames, they gave the artists complete creative control over what they created. 

These women would go in to the bush, collect their native grasses, gum-nuts and seeds, and by using a mixture of natural and synthetic dyes and pigments, they weaved them in to gorgeous lampshades, creating these beautiful pieces of art which really hold the country in them. 

The Tili Wiru collaboration stemmed from the success from their first collaboration with the Yuta Badayala artists from  the Elcho Island Arts. The  opening ceremony, (which I am so sad that I missed) incorporated a special weaving workshop where by some of the artists came and shared their skills with other young women.

The photos really don't do these incredible shades justice though, they are absolutely unique and beautiful in their raw state. So if you're in Sydney and have some time to check them out it's definitely a must. Prices range from $440 to $1590 and are sold exclusively at Koskela.


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  1. Jess - these Koskela lights are exquisite!! What an incredible discovery + collaboration... Asbolutely love them xx


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