1. Palm Cove Hanging Lantern $12 ea. 2. Orson and Blake Straw Grass Stool $59 3. Orson and Blake Grass Chair $199 4. Blacklist Studio Palms Cushion $99.95 5. Sixhands Bonfire Rainforest Wallpaper 6. Orson and Blake Wooden Beaded Chandelier 7. 8. The Society Inc Tender Is The Night Paints 9. Hanging Barn Bed $2898- $3298 10. Bamboo soy wax candles $31 11. 12. 13. Mermaid Keyring wall Hanging $39 14. Woven Tahitian Shell Wall Hanging $79 15. Blacklist Studio Jungle cushion $99.50 16. Blacklist Studio

With winter hitting Australia so quickly, I have been dreaming of warmer places and exotic destinations. For those of you wanting to escape the winter with me, I have chosen a selection of tropical must-haves to style your home with. Whether it be West Indian, Pacific or Indian Oceans, this month's inspiration comes from anywhere warm and balmy, close to the equator and close to the seas, where coconut tree's rustle in the breeze and skies are sunny and blue.

Soak up the sun on natural hues of greens and browns, layer textures with natural grasses and woven mats and swing in the breeze on big open daybeds. At night let sheer fabrics and an abundance of candles drift you to sleep.


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