With the long weekend coming up for the Queen's Jubilee it's a perfect time to do some DIY. I saw this great Pallet bed idea on the Nanabech website and had to share with you all! Upcycling is such a great cheap and cool way to decorate and I absolutely love the storage space they can create, perfect for magazines and books!

You can find pallets almost anywhere these days, check the back of big hardware stores and you'll be sure to find a stack! The matresses are cheap as too - you can find them as well as fabric at your local IKEA store.

Not all pallets are identical in size though, so it's always good to measure yours so end up with uniform pieces that fit together to form a base equal in width, or wider than the mattress. 

TIPS: If you allow for the base's length to extend 100mm beyond the foot of the mattress, it can act as a separate shelf to store books and other objects on.

I have been working on my own pallet DIY lately and can't wait to have it all finished! Will post when I'm done!


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