Mother's day is coming up so quickly! What have you all got planned for your Mothers day presents? This Sunday I will be giving my mum a present made with love. I always love making things for presents, whether it's a hand made card or pretty wrapping paper, I always think a hand made gift is just that much more special! 

It's getting colder here in Australia, and I know how much my mum loves to snuggle up on the couch with a good movie, so I am giving her a warm and wooly blanket inspired by this very cute camel and have put all the instructions below for the DIY! 


  1. A blanket - I got mine from Country Road for $159.00 but you can most definitely find some cheaper ones in your local department stores such as Myer or Target.
  2. You will need some pom-poms! These are easy to find at small craft stores or bigger ones like Spotlight. I chose a string of smaller ones but you could use larger individual ones if you like!
  3. A sewing machine is very handy but if you chose individual pom-poms instead of ones on a string you can easily sew them by hand.
  4. You will need some thread to match your blanket. 

  1. Pin your pom-poms to your blanket so it doesn't slip out when you sew it on the machine. I only did the shorter ends because this is the look I wanted to go for. I needed approximately 3 meters of pom-pom string for this which cost me $15.00
  2. Leave about 1cm on either end and start sewing!
  3. Leave enough to do a small fold at the end of the string for a neat finish.
  1. Buy your blanket first and then take it to the craft stores to see what colours go well together and to measure up exactly how much trim you need. I chose Orange because it's my mum's favourite colour.
  2. Wash your pom-poms in the washing machine, the dye could be bad and might leak on your blanket when you wash it, so washing these first to get all excess dye out will help.

All images my own except for the pom-pom Camel! Image via: Maidensydney. Happy DIY-ing!


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  1. Love the pom pom details...great idea. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
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