I have been obsessing with everything dip dyed lately, and dip dying baskets is on the top of my DIY list right now. I found this great tutorial on Martha Stewart's website which I will be trying for myself very soon! What a great way to re-vamp some baskets! Here's how it's done:

  1. Use either a bucket (Plastic storage bins are great) or a large foam brush to paint the bottom of your basket
  2. Buy a water based latex paint and stir the paint thoroughly (Your local hardware or paint stores such as Dulux will stock this)
  3. Dip or paint your basket up to the height you want. It doesn't need to be perfect, they look great done a bit rough!
  4. hang the basket to dry completely, (you can use your washing line!)
TIP:   Mix things up, don't just go for white! You can dip different shaped baskets in any colour you like. I am thinking of experimenting with some smaller baskets I have lying around. I'll be posting the pictures when I am done! Wish me luck! Images 1-3 Via Martha Stewart. Image 4 via a pair & a spare

Happy DIY-ing!


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