La Banane is a vibrant boutique hotel comprised of 8 bungalows surrounded by lush private gardens on the tropical island paradise of Saint Barthélemy in the Caribbean. Just meters from the beach and nestled in a coconut grove surrounded by Frangipani, Hibiscus and Jasmine, the villas would smell just as good as they look.

Named after different artists, designers and craftsmen predominate of the 1950's, each of the private light and airy rooms come with secluded tropical gardens, terraces or outdoor bathrooms. The colour pallet is vibrant and fresh with splashes of canary yellow, mint green and raspberry red against a backdrop of crisp white and natural tones.

Villa owners Jean Marc Israël, (a vintage furniture collector) and Benjamin Fabbri (a former marketing director at Dior) have come up with a beautiful concept combining their love of 1950's design, Tropicalism and Modernism. A lot of the furniture pieces are collector items and are just to die for. My favourite has to be the peacock chair... What a perfect setting for it!

Originally built in the 1970s, La Banane has a charming and glamorous past. Now completely refurbished, Jean and Benjamin kept much of the vintage glamour that surrounded the original property.

Have a peek at their website for more info: www.labanane.com, the music and layout just make you wish you were there.

Images and content from Design Hotels and Villa La Banane.


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