Ok, so I'm back! Admittedly I've been back for a couple of weeks... But between moving house and starting back at work, I have been flat out! I spent my holidays in the West Indies with my boyfriend Josh. We spent the days lazing on the beach or by the pool, drinking coconut water and eating delicious food (and I mean really amazingly delicious food). Trinidad has to have the best food I have ever tasted, from Doubles - a breakfast meal of curried chick pea and something similar to naan bread (my favourite). To Prawn Roti and Curried Crab with Dumpling. Trinidad + Tobago has food that makes your taste buds go mad. They have such a diverse mix of cultures including Indian, African and Chinese (to name a few) and the culinary outcome is… Heaven.

We spent Christmas and New Year’s in Trinidad with Josh's gorgeous family and took some time out to ourselves in the stunning islands of Tobago and St Lucia. We spent the days driving around the islands and swimming in coves and beaches set amongst the most luscious tropical landscapes.

The islands of the West Indies are bursting with colour. Vivid greens and exotic flowers line streets that are full of beautiful brightly coloured houses. Whether it’s a small shack or an old colonial building, whether of French, Dutch, Spanish or English heritage (these Islands changed hands so many times) - The buildings in the West Indies are all bursting with colour, and it fills the landscapes in shades of Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Purple Blue and Red.

I hope you enjoy the photos!  All photos are my own - Instagrammed!



  1. Love your photos. From your phone correct? What did you do to them? A filter?

    Rob x

    1. Rob, I took them on my iPhone and they are edited on an iPhone app called Instagram! x

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