Alemagou is a beach-side cafe on the Greek island of Mykonos. Designed by K-Studio in Athens, the design embraces traditional Cycladic whitewashed smooth-edged houses, and dry-stone walls that blend into the scrubby landscape and contrast with the bright blue sea.

The focal point, which I absolutely love, is a 60 cm deep natural reed-thatched roof installation that offers  the perfect amount of shade during dry hot days.

Suspended from the ceiling are hand made calabash shell lights which work beautifully within the space.

The materials are few and simple, and the colour pallet also, creating a relaxed bright space that makes you want to go on holidays and never come home. See all the images here at k-studio's website.



  1. The thatching is beyond fabulous. Is that a traditional way to do it, as deep as that? I'm trying to imagine how they would suspend it, because I have only ever seen it laid horizontally, whereas this is obviously vertical, and on a massive scale. Reminds me of bunches of lavender hung up to dry on verandahs.

    It's an amazing effect of deep, deep coolness. Also love those lights - each one so different.

    Fabulous post!

  2. Thanks Blue Fruit! I agree, It's a beautiful take on a traditional method. I have not seen it done this way before.

    This type reed comes in curtain like panels. It appears to be hung in long lengths on some sort of runner.

    Could you imagine if it were lavender hung up above your head in Provence somewhere, it would look gorgeous.

    La Treehouse x

  3. Alemagou is designed by k-studio - www.k-studio.gr
    thanks for posting us!


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