I'm sorry for the huge lack of posts this year. Work has been demanding so much of my time lately. With tonnes of exhibitions opening in June, i'm flat out. Luckily, I did manage to find some much needed time out last weekend. With Winter quickly approaching, my boyfriend Josh and i decided to go away for a little road trip and catch the last rays of summer.

We went down to this gorgeous place called Limpinwood in norhern NSW, its one of my favorite places in the world. We spent the weekend driving around the country side, swimming in creeks and picking guavas off trees. (i love guavas) The weather was just perfect, with a fresh breeze but plenty of sun.

I saw some gorgeous bohemian homes driving around. I love relaxed bohemian interiors, they always have a well travelled feel to them. Some of these photos are ones i took while i was there and the others are images of quirky Bohemian homes i sourced. I love the indoor plants, the colourful bohemian rugs and the lazy furniture - especially the hammock! its something i personally can't live without!

I hope you have a lovely week!


(Images 1, 2 + 4: via frommoontomoon Image 3: Images 5 + 6: Elle Decor Images 7-10: My own)

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