Sea Circus is a gorgeous restaurant and bar which very quickly became my absolute favorite spot in Bali. Located in Seminyak, this gorgeous and quirky restaurant is co-owned by Josh, a friend I met while I was there. 

There are shelves full of gorgeous antique toys that you can play drunken games with, and the owners, Josh and Charlie, from Melbourne and England, not only have an amazing mouth watering menu, but the most insane cocktails I have ever tasted. We spent many balmy afternoons here eating and drinking. Josh even invited us to taste test their new bloody mary's (pictured above) that looked and tasted like spicy heaven. 

Just like the Balinese, everything in this restaurant was thought out and presented in a special way. From the way the food was artistically designed on your plate, to the garnishes on a coffee. No space was left untouched, in every corner there was something to see. 

As the light hit the multicolored glass panels in the late afternoon, the restaurant would flood with colour. Most of the pictures are mine but I stole a few photos (5 and 9) off the sea circus blog - an absolutely gorgeous blog that you can check out here. If this blog doesn't make you want to move to Bali..  don't know what will. I'm in love. If you want to know more, check out at the Sea Circus website www.seacircus-bali.com


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