We're back on the blogosphere! and we have to apologise of our lack of posts recently. We've been flat out moving to Sydney and starting up our sister business Triibe which is launching very soon! (watch this space).

We have decided to come back with a bang, showing you the creative home of Sarah Jane Clarke. Co-founder of Australia's own Sass and Bide.

You may remember the previous post we did on Heidi Middleton's house in Palm Beach - Sydney, back in 2012. The best friends and creative duo share similarities within their style, but both have their own unique qualities in their individual spaces. Sarah Jane's home, located in Vaucluse - North of Bondi, is loaded with beautiful antique treasures and natural materials, while having minimalistic elements, tying it all together. 

The bright tribal prints feature regularly throughout her home, and her love of indoor plants and timber elements give the space a refreshing natural element. We really admire these two Aussie (and Brissy) Sass and Bide girls, for their unique style and lust for travel which flourishes endlessly in their private abodes. Sarah Jane has just come back from a 6 month sabbatical, if any of you followed her recent worldly adventures on Instagram, you could see how her travels infuse and inspire the zen space of her family home. 

All photos are from one of our favourite blogs - Tales of Endearment.



For some time now polished silver and stainless steel has been the safe option for many when it comes  to choosing finishings, buying home-wares, and your day-to-day goods... but up against these copper products, and especially the copper kitchen (if I could insert multiple smiley emoticons with love heart eyes here I would), silver just seems a bit naff, don't you think?

Post by interior stylist, Christina Symes x



I'm off to the Caribbean tomorrow morning, I'll be spending the next 5 weeks on the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, and I'm not going to lie... between lazing on the beach, reading in hammocks and listening to copious amounts of reggae - posts from me will be few and far between.  

I did although manage to pull together a last minute flat lay with my Caribbean vacation essentials, including: one of the many Penguin books I bought - 'On the Road', my new black basic bikini by Caribbean label Two Peace Swimmer, A polaroid camera to take some fun snaps, Pawpaw ointment; because I can't go a flight without it.  A Bob Marley pendant necklace, Sportsgirl black sunglasses, the ASOS 'Sporty Skirt' in orange, my black soft leather iPad case from Som and Toobyand most importantly: His and Hers passports. Thank you to my ├╝ber talented friend Emily Barwick for her co-styling. Check out her beautiful blog A Second Story Here.

If you want to check out my teavel pics, head over to our Instagram page! Warning: coconut drinking selfies may occur. xx Jessica 



The ultimate motor home... "Hut on sleds" designed by Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects is a small, simple, functional - and completely moveable 40 square meter hut. It rests on two thick wooden sleds that allow the home to be shifted around its beach-front location: A clever response to the ever changing landscape in this coastal erosion zone. 

Picture this as your holiday home; built almost entirely of timber, with industrial style fittings and large glass windows facing the oceanfront. You open the front panels as you arrive, letting the sea breeze in and creating an awning to shade from the sun. Then when you need to leave, just close it all up and head on home... Incredible!

Photos by Simon Devitt



Happy Monday! Here's a little La Treehouse cactus and interior lovin' to brighten up the start of your week. This is a home I've lusted over for years... owned by Maurizio Zucchi of the Italian lifestyle company Zucchi. Happy drooling... & Have a fantastic day x

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